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My People Clinical Services, LLC (MPCS) is a culturally competent and diverse agency that focuses on providing support to individuals and families in need. Beginning in March 2005 with the Father to Father Program, MPCS has quickly grown to encompass the six additional programs: Therapeutic Services, Therapeutic Support Staff/Support Staff, Supervised Visits, CHAP Case Management, Supportive Apartments and our Female Empowerment Program/Conference. Each service endeavors to support, empower and rebuild individuals and families.

In order to achieve our mission, “To enable My People to help Your People so that Our People will succeed” our staff are trained to exceed expectations and utilize non-traditional methods in order to provide families with the help and support they need.

We believe that if we work in collaboration with and provide support for individuals or families, they can achieve success, which in turn means we succeed as well.

We believe that the success of the community as a whole begins with one individual/one family at a time and that over time by providing high quality services and support we can make an impact in the community that changes and improves the community.

We also believe that quick turn around on referrals, rapid response to crisis situations and the ability to wrap therapeutic and supportive services around families is the best way to help “our people” succeed because when an individual needs help, they need help immediately.

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